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The Electric Cart Company Experience


The Electric Cart Company is a father / son owned and operated business that was established in December 2008.

How long have you worked in this field?    

Jon Waldrop started selling a few customized golf carts on the side in early 2008. Once the demand was established, Jon approached his father, Tom Waldrop, as a potential partner to go into business in late 2008 with a focus on “street legal golf carts.” 

What is your professional background?   

Jon Waldrop graduated from the University of Florida with a de - gree in International Business Economics. He went on to become an outside rep for a high-end window and door company spe - cializing in custom fenestrations. When the economy decided to take a turn for the worst in 2008, the golf cart idea would become more than a hobby! Jon’s family moved to the Emerald Coast over 30 years ago to es - cape the corporate rat race. After several years in the marina and boat rental business, Tom saw an opportunity in custom home - building focused on projects in Sandestin Resort and the 30A corridor. With his exposure to the resort and vacation industry, he quickly recognized the possibilities also. The father-son team created the Electric Cart Company in late 2008.       

What drew you to this field? 

The demand for a dealership that offered multiple product lines for every need and price range was missing on the Emerald Coast—in fact, the entire Panhandle. We quickly discovered that bringing a selection and a low-pressure sales environment together was destined to fill a niche in the regional marketplace. Services offered:   Electric Cart Company (ECC) is a full-service state-licensed dealership that offers an extensive selection of new and used cars with financing, extended warranties, and the area’s largest selection of accessories and custom wheel/tire assemblies. It has a complete service department with certified technicians with pickup-delivery, field service, and a cart storage program. ECC operates the Emerald Coast’s largest “street legal” rental fleet of electric carts for our vacationing visitors. 

What makes your business unique?   

Electric Cart Company’s unique composition of the highest quali - ty factory-built street-legal vehicles, electric golf carts, and utility vehicles makes the dealership a one-stop destination for someone to find what they are looking for. Electric Cart Company simply does not believe in the “one-car-fits-all” or “one-brand-fits-all” mentality. From basic entry-level models to the more expensive and stylish to rugged off-road vehicles, we have it. ECC’s busi - ness model allows us to act more like a consultant, rather than a salesperson, to help facilitate our customer’s needs and wants more effectively. ECC is a state-licensed dealer for eight different brands:  American Custom Golf Cars, Club Car, Garia, GEM by Polaris, Star EV, StreetRod, Tomberlin, and USEV.

What do you love most about this business?  

We love selling FUN! Most people that come in are not buying a product out of necessity, but rather to add another element of excitement and enjoyment to their lives through an electric or gas vehicle. Selling FUN combined with offering our customer the largest selection of electric street-legal vehicles in the Southeast USA just makes the whole experience more pleasurable for the customer and the salesperson! By the way, we sell gas carts, also.

What does a typical workday/week look like for you and your business? 

With our rental business, Electric Cart Company is a 7-day-a-week challenge. ECC’s showroom is open every day but Sunday, with our Service and Parts Department open Monday through Friday.  

We hope everyone will visit our website, www.ElectricCartCompany.com, to see what’s new.  

Most importantly, Jon and Tom are thankful for success of this dream. They truly appreciate the opportunity to serve and to continue to grow with their Panhandle neighbors.

Our Products

Electric Cart Company offers the largest selection of new and pre-owned carts including GEM by Polaris, Star EV, Club Car, American Custom Golf Cars, Tomberlin, EEVM Cruzer, Moke America, Roadster, and the Reeper by Oreion. Along with these top brands, Electric Cart Company has several types of carts and accessories including:

  • Golf carts
  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
  • Low Speed Vehicles
  • Commercial Electric Vehicles
  • Pre-owned and refurbished carts
  • Orca coolers & accessories
  • Generators
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Collegiate Collection Coolers are perfect for tailgating

Vacation Electric Vehicle Rentals

Electric Cart Company doesn’t just sell electric carts, we also rent them. Whether you need to rent an electric cart for your vacation or need a cart for work, we are your one-stop shop. Our cart rentals include insurance, and we will deliver to most locations. Visit our rentals page for more information.

The Street Legal Dealership

We are quickly becoming recognized as “The Street Legal Dealership” along the Florida Panhandle. Electric plug-in vehicles are changing the way we think about local and resort transportation. The low speed vehicles (LSVs) give their owners a direct entry into the “green” lifestyle. Our LSVs are legal to drive on public roads with speed limits of 35 MPH or less.

Electric Cart Services

The Electric Cart Company services electric-powered vehicles of all makes and models. Electric vehicle parts and custom accessories for your LSV are also available. We believe that plug-in battery-powered electric vehicles are a viable transportation alternative in our local market. Read more about all the services we provide.